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Citrus Varieties offered at Sunfresh Direct

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Sunfresh Direct is pleased to be offering many different Indian River citrus varieties

In the Florida Orange category, we offer Sugar Bells and Scarlet Red Navel Oranges. Both are quickly becoming customer favorites as word spreads of their incredible sweet, juicy and unique tastes. 

The Sugar Bell is a cross between the Spanish Clementine and the Florida Honeybell developed by the University of Florida.  They have easy to peel zipper skin like a clementine. Shaped like a honeybell, Sugar Bells are bursting with extra sweet juiciness and they are higher in Vitamin C than any other citrus variety. Sugar Bells are available in December. They make a delicious Christmas gift.

Scarlet Red Navel Oranges are a rare and luscious fruit - naturally sweet and juice filled. This thin-skinned Indian River citrus specialty has all the juicy-sweet goodness of their cousin, the traditional Florida Navel Orange, but on the inside their flesh is an exotic rich ruby red color. They're available November, December and January - perfect timing for a unique Holiday fruit gift.

In the Indian River Grapefruit category, additions are the Marsh White and Flame Red.

The Marsh White grapefruit is a breakfast staple to native Floridians!

The Flame Red grapefruit has only been in Florida for the past 20 years and is a deeper scarlet hue to the Ruby Red grapefruit.

We have created a new gift so you can sample ALL three grapefruit varieties in one delicious gift box.


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